The Definitive Podcast Directory List For 2021

Definitive Podcast Directory List Woman Submitting Her Podcast on Spotify

One of the keys to getting more listeners for your podcast, and growing your fanbase is accessibility. The more places people can find your show, the more likely it is that you’ll find new listeners and subscribers. That’s why we’ve put together this definitive podcast directory list. We want you to get found!

For most of the podcast directories out there, all you will need is your RSS feed. If you don’t have one, click here to quickly create your podcast RSS feed. 

Once you have your RSS feed, simply copy it to your clipboard, and you’re ready to start adding your podcast to the most popular podcast directories. 

find your podcast RSS feed on RSS Podcasting
How to find your podcast RSS feed on RSS Podcasting

While it may be time-consuming to add your podcast’s RSS feed address and information to the most popular directories, the more opportunities you have to be found, the better!

Pro Tip

Before you begin the process of adding your podcast to each of these directories, open up a note in notepad, or a word processing document and record pertinent details about your show.

This makes it much easier to copy and paste the information about your show to each of the directories. For example, you should have your show title, description, RSS feed address, and the email address ready to go. Ready? Let’s get to the directory list!

The Most Popular Podcast Directories

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1. Apple Podcasts: We recommend adding your show to this directory first because it can take the longest to be approved. You’ll need an Apple ID before you can submit your podcast for review.

2. Google Podcasts: Once you login with a Gmail account, you can visit the Google Play Podcast Portal, and click the button that says “ADD A PODCAST.” Follow the prompts, and then wait for your show to be reviewed. This can take as little as 24 hours, or up to a week.

3. Spotify: Create an account, link your RSS feed, and wait for approval. This can take up to five days. IMPORTANT – you need to have uploaded at least one episode to your podcast host. Until you do so, Spotify will not be able to find any episodes and will reject your feed.

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4. Stitcher: Create a content provider profile, click “Add Show,” add your RSS Feed and show details. Then, submit and wait for approval.

5. TuneIn (Also adds your podcast to Amazon Alexa): Go to their email submission form, fill it out, and hit “SEND EMAIL.” At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you’ll then wait for approval.

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Other Directories To List Your Show

For each of the podcast directories listed below, simply click the name, and you’ll be directed to the page to create an account to submit your show, or to submission instructions.

International Podcast Directories

Do you know of a podcast directory that should be added to our list? Tweet it to us @RSS!

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