How to Submit Your RSS Feed to iTunes

If you have a podcast, you know you also need one very important thing: listeners. And most likely, lots of ‘em!

The more listeners you have, the further your message can spread. And if you’ve monetized your podcast, you know you’ll do even better when you have more listeners — and the right listeners; listeners who are loyal and engaged.

Read on to learn why you need an RSS feed for your podcast, how to create a podcast RSS feed, and how to submit your feed to iTunes.

Why You Need an RSS Feed for Your Podcast

People are busy. And these days, our media consumption is so varied and vast, it’s difficult to keep on top of what we like.

If someone finds your podcast and likes it, you’d think they would come back, right? Well, maybe not. It’s easy for them to forget where they found you, what your name is, what your podcast is called, or even what your content is about.

Remember, immediately after listening to your podcast, they were inundated with a multitude of texts, dings, and feed notifications.

You know your content is great, and you want to keep your listeners, well … listening

Enter the RSS feed. When a listener subscribes to your podcast RSS feed, they’ll see all your updates. This means they won’t forget about you or accidentally miss an episode. You’ll be front of mind every time they check out their feed. This will allow you to build your audience, engage with them further, and meet the goals you have for your podcast.

How to Create a Podcast RSS Feed

With RSS Podcasting’s podcast hosting service, creating your podcast RSS feed couldn’t be easier. 

You simply upload your episodes via your web browser as if they were webmail attachments. We handle the rest. 

We’ll automatically generate and update your RSS podcast feed for you. We produce a dynamic website that includes your most recent podcasts, as well as a podcast archive. 

This makes it a self-contained website, while also allowing your RSS stream to be available via the main podcast directories.

image of new RSS podcast hosting account on a mobile device

How to Submit Your RSS Feed to iTunes/Apple Podcasts

Step 1: If you don’t have iTunes software, download it first here:

Step 2: Find the podcast section of iTunes, and click on “Submit a Podcast”

Step 3: In this screen, you can paste in your RSS feed URL. Make sure the details of your feed show up correctly.

Step 4: Finally, click submit

The iTunes team will have someone listen to your feed before accepting your submission, so you’ll have to wait for approval. This can happen in as little as an hour, or it could take days. You’ll receive a confirmation email once approved.

Within a few days, your podcast will be searchable in the iTunes store, which is great news for you and your listeners.

At, we want the whole process to be pain free. See how simple we’ve made it for you to create a podcast RSS feed.


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