How to Submit Your RSS Feed to iTunes/Apple Podcasts

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Are you wondering how to submit your podcast and RSS feed to Apple Podcasts/iTunes? 

If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Submitting your show to Apple Podcasts is one of the easiest ways to get your podcast in front of millions of potential followers and fans.

Ready, let’s go! 

How to Submit Your RSS Feed to iTunes/Apple Podcasts

Step 1. Log in to iTunes Connect

itunes connect log in

Step 2. Validate your podcast’s RSS feed. Simply copy and paste your feed into the URL field and hit “Validate.”

✨ If you need a podcast RSS feed, click here. 

Step 3. Next, you’ll need to verify your show’s details. This is your chance to make sure everything looks correct.

validate your podcast's details in itunes connect
Step 4. If all looks good, click the “Validate” button up top. You’ll receive a “Podcast successfully submitted for review” message and also receive an email from iTunes Store confirming your show is now under review.

The iTunes team will have someone listen to your feed before accepting your submission, so you’ll have to wait for approval. This can happen in as little as an hour, or it could take a couple days. 

apple itunes podcast review email

Example of the "Feed under Review" Email You'll Receive from the iTunes Store

Once your show is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know about your approval, and that your show will be available in the iTunes Store within the next few hours.

Easy right?

your podcast has been approved on apple itunes email

Confirmation Email from the iTunes Store

You're on a Roll! 🎲

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