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Apple Podcasts gain new creator tools, including Subscription Analytics and Linkfire integration

TechCrunch August 21, 2023
Apple announced today several new updates to its podcast creator tools, including, most notably, the addition of Subscription Analytics within Apple Podcasts Connect — the dashboard where podcasters track how their listeners engage with their shows. In addition, Apple says it’s expanding its Delegated Delivery offering, which allows creators to publish their subscriber episodes from other hosting providers. And it’s integrating its podcast analytics into the marketing platform Linkfire for easy access.
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Ben Richardson,

Podcast Business Journal May 12, 2023
I’m one of the co-founders of in conjunction with Alberto Betella, who’s my business partner and co-founder, and also co-managing director of the company. We handle various roles, some that overlap between the two of us, and some that are strictly within our own expertise and purview.
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How Outsmarted Podcast Spammers

The Podcast Host December 13, 2022
Few things are worse than spam disguised as real content.

Over the past few years, spam – including actual fake episodes – has become a real problem in our industry. In’s ongoing battle to combat podcast spam and thanks to the magic of natural language processing techniques, we have come out solidly in the lead.
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