How to Submit Your Podcast to Deezer

Getting your show published on the major podcast directories is the easiest way to increase your visibility and reach millions of potential new listeners.

Deezer is a French online music streaming service that is accessible in nearly 200 countries and has more than 16 million users, making it a directory you want to be on!

Here’s how to get your podcast published on Deezer.

Step 1. Head over To

Once you arrive at, hit the “Publish My Podcast” button.

Step 2. Validate Your Podcast's RSS Feed

Enter your podcast’s RSS Feed and click the “NEXT” button.

At this point, you will receive a confirmation email from Deezer with a verification code.

The email used by Deezer will be the same one you used when you signed up for your podcast hosting account. Copy and paste the code from your email and click “NEXT.”

If you are using as your podcast host, your show’s RSS feed can be found on your “My Podcast” page. 

✨ If you need a podcast RSS feed, click here. 

Step 3. Add Your Podcast's Details

Now, you will add your podcast details including your provider name, your podcast’s title, the genre that best represents your show, and your podcast country. 

Next, let Deezer know whether or not the your show’s content is explicit, and accept the terms and conditions. Finally, click the “SUBMIT” button.

Step 4. Submission Success

After you click “Submit, you should receive a notification that says “Congratulations, your podcast is on its way to Deezer!” that includes a link to your podcast on Deezer once it’s accepted by the podcast directory.

You won’t receive an email, but as soon as your show is live, you can share the link to it with your fans and followers.

🙌 Congratulations, you did it! You have one more way for new listeners and fans to find your podcast!

Don't Stop There, You're on a Roll! 🎲

Are You a Visual Learner?

Watch the video below to see how to get your podcast published on Deezer.

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