How to Add a Podcast to Samsung Podcasts

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As podcasters, we are always looking for effective ways to reach new audiences and gain new fans. 

One of the best ways to get your show in front of millions of potential listeners is to submit it to the major podcast directories

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to get your podcast added to the Samsung Podcast app.

Submit Your Show to Samsung Podcasts

Step 1. Go to Samsung Podcasts and register for a free publisher account.

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Step 2. Once you’ve set up your free Samsung account and have verified your email, you’ll need to go back to Samsung Podcasts and Create an Organization. 

Creating an “organization” allows you to provide access to multiple people from the same publishing company.

💡If you don’t belong to a publishing company, you can simply use the name of your podcast as your organization. 

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Step 3. Once you’ve set up your organization, you can access your Dashboard and start submitting podcasts by selecting the “ADD PODCAST” button. 

Next, you’ll be asked to add your podcast’s RSS feed and show category.

💥 If you need a RSS feed for your podcast, click here.

Finally, select the “Validate Podcast” button > then “Create Podcast.”

If there were no errors with your RSS feed, your show will be published to the Samsung Podcast app and your status will automatically update to “Public” indicating your show is live on the app 👏🏽  

Easy right?

Experiencing Issues?

If you’ve run into a problem and need a more in-depth tutorial, you can download the Samsung Podcasts Partner Portal User Guide, or contact customer support at

You're on a Roll 🎲

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