How to Create an RSS Feed for a Podcast

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You’re working hard, creating awesome podcasts that your followers love. You enjoy what you do, but sometimes it’s frustrating when you don’t seem to have as many listeners as you’d like. And if a listener likes you, you’re never quite sure they’ll come back. It can be a lot of work keeping your fans and followers updated on your new episodes.

Enter the RSS feed to solve this problem.

Do I Need a Podcast-Only Feed?

Yes. If you already have an RSS feed for your website, that’s great. But it isn’t going to do the job when it comes to your podcasts. Your site-wide RSS feed may only be picking up your blog posts and not your podcasts.

Instead, make sure you also have a podcast-only feed for iTunes / Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts App, and other podcast directories so new fans can easily find you when they’re looking for podcasts like yours.

How to Create a Podcast RSS Feed

The good news is that creating your feed is easy and only takes a few minutes. Here are the four steps needed to create your new podcast RSS feed:

Step 1. Create a RSS Podcasting account
Step 2. After successfully creating your account, log into your Dashboard and click the blue “Add podcast” button
Step 3. Next, create your podcast’s URL and add a title and description for your podcast
Step 4. Your done! Simply select the green “Copy RSS Feed” button and you now have your podcast RSS feed. Easy right?

Below are images to guide you through each step.

Step 1. Create your account.

create a RSS podcasting account


Step 2. After signing up for an account, validate your email and add your podcast from your Dashboard.

create a podcast rss feed from your RSS Podcasting dashboard


 Step 3. In the next screen, define your podcast’s URL, title and description.



Step 4. Your Dashboard is where you’ll find your podcast RSS feed URL. Simply copy your new RSS feed.  

picture of a podcast RSS feed


Why Do You Need a Podcast RSS Feed?

It’s important for your listeners to keep up-to-date on all your new podcasts. Your fans don’t want to miss anything. The die-hard ones will religiously check your channel to make sure they haven’t missed an episode, but many simply won’t take the time. People are so busy and consume so much online content that it’s easy to be forgotten.

When your fans subscribe to your podcast RSS feed they’ll see updates in real time in their summary display. They’ll visit their feed, see what’s new, click on your updated episode, and get down to business listening to what you have to say.

It’s your job as a content producer who wants followers to make yourself easy to find. In fact, you should make that task as easy as possible, or you’ll risk seeing your numbers dwindle.

The bottom line is that you need to create an RSS feed for your podcast so your listeners can easily subscribe.

If you know how to code (most of us don’t), you can create an RSS feed by using XML to declare the channel, title of your feed, links to your channel, and more. You then will need to add a new item each time you create a new episode so that your episode will show up in your readers’ feeds.

Or you could use a feed builder and host your podcast on to create your podcast RSS feed. The steps are simple, and you don’t have to know how to code. 

Podcast Hosting Made Easy creates a simple podcast hosting interface for you to upload your episodes. Once that’s done, any podcast you upload will automatically be updated in your listener’s feeds so long as they subscribe to your RSS feed in Apple iTunes, Google Play, etc. This is a great solution for content producers who don’t have the time to learn the tricky technical aspects of RSS feeds.

Once you’re set up with, you can happily step away from the technical hangups of creating RSS feeds for your podcasts and get back to producing awesome content.

Set up Your New Podcast RSS Feed in Less than 3 Minutes

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