How to Submit a Podcast to Google Podcasts

Millions of potential Android listeners are out there for you and your podcast. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring them! Submit your podcast to Google Play’s podcast directory so your podcast will show up in their app. Once your podcast has been submitted to Google Podcasts, listeners can not only find you, they can subscribe — and never miss an episode.

What Is Google Play?

The official app for Android devices, Google Play is similar to Apple’s iTunes store. Users can search the vast digital library for books, games, podcasts, and more. The app saves their spot when they’re listening so it’s always easy to pick back up where they left off.

Why Should You Care?

You may not know exactly how your listeners want to listen to you. By making your podcast available on as many directories as possible, you don’t inadvertently exclude any listeners. 

You want to show up in searches, and you want to be available wherever an interested listener is. It’s good practice to make yourself easy to find and access. Google Play is one more directory that can help your podcast’s audience grow.

How to Submit Your Podcast to Google Play

Here are the steps to follow to submit your podcast to Google Play:

      1. Go to Google Play Podcast Portal
      2. Accept the Terms of Service
      3. Click the “Add a Podcast” button
      4. Enter your podcasts RSS feed URL. You can find this through your podcast host. Every podcast needs an RSS feed. If your podcast host doesn’t make an RSS feed for you, get an RSS Podcast hosting account. Copying it from there is a simple way to make sure there are no errors in the RSS URL. You’ll need to have at least one episode already published in the hosting platform
      5. Click “Submit RSS Feed”
      6. Verify your email by copying the code sent to you and pasting it into the field
      7. Review your information
      8. Publish your podcast and wait for approval. This could take a couple days, as someone has to manually approve your feed

Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to more listeners and a broader audience, opening up pathways that were previously closed.

  1. Starting a podcast and building an audience takes time and hard work. Fortunately, has made podcast hosting easy. You’ll be up and running in three minutes, with no technical skills required.  Happy podcasting!


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