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If you’re a podcaster, you’ve no doubt seen some big and exciting changes to the podcasting space this year.

From YouTube releasing Podcasts on YouTube, to the launch of new apps, a lot has changed. 

The same holds true for us over here at – we’ve added a ton of new features to help podcasters like you manage, produce, and monetize your shows.

Here are the top five features we added for podcasters and a recap of what you, our podcasters, accomplished in 2023.

#1 Support of Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery is among the first hosting providers listed in the exclusive group supporting Apple’s Delegated Delivery. This feature allows our podcasters to submit new free and subscriber shows to Apple directly from their dashboards.

This feature is a game-changer for anyone looking to monetize their shows through Apple Podcast Subscriptions.

As someone who spent most of the year doing this manually, I know.

With Delegated Delivery, you can select how you want both Apple free and paid subscribers to get your content directly from your dashboard, without having to manage it separately in Apple Podcasts Connect.

#2 Host Multiple Podcasts

Thinking about starting another podcast on a different topic? now allows podcasters like you to host multiple podcasts under the same account.

This is significant for podcast networks that manage numerous shows under a single brand. This update will also help individual podcasters start another show and easily switch between and manage their podcasts without the need to create different accounts.

That means no matter how many shows you or your team hosts, you can do it right from the same account as your flagship show! No more paying just to explore new ideas.

#3 Streamlined Podcast Management

One of the hallmarks of growing and better managing a podcast is the ability to delegate and collaborate with others. And now you can with

There are two collaborator roles:

  • Admin: responsible for managing episodes, accessing analytics, and configuring settings, including Apple Podcasts keys and V4V wallet details.
  • Analyst: limited to viewing and exporting analytics.

If you have an editor, assistant, cohost, or if you’re a podcast network, the Admin role is perfect. If you have a sales rep or sell sponsorships, we’ve got you covered with the Analyst role.

#4 Fully Automated Transcripts

All podcasters on a paid plan can take advantage of free, fully automated transcripts for your episodes.

Transcripts offer a ton of benefits for listeners and podcasters alike – from improved accessibility for those who can’t listen, to enhanced discoverability by adding more context to your descriptions. You can also repurpose the transcripts on your website.

And, of course, there are AI services that can help you summarize based on a transcript. Now with, you don’t need to pay extra for the transcript!

convert your audio podcast episodes into videos

#5 Convert Your Audio Podcast Episodes into Videos

You can now effortlessly convert audio episodes and upload them to YouTube in just one click—right from your dashboard.

We rolled this out earlier in the year, and while YouTube now supports RSS feed ingestion, we believe you’ll provide your YouTube audience with a better experience using our conversion feature. Why?

Our audio-to-video technology fully supports Podcasting 2.0 chapters. As a result, the videos automatically published to your YouTube channel will include chapter art, titles, and timestamps—fully integrated into the YouTube player for increased discoverability of your show.

And hey, if you’re not an user yet, you can still experience the power of PodViz right away for free here:

Below is an example of an audio podcast episode that was converted to a video using PodViz technology:

More 2023 Updates

You didn’t think we were done did you? As I mentioned earlier, we did a ton of stuff this year, so here are some of the other updates we made:

  • To protect our podcasters’ privacy, we have removed email addresses from the RSS feed, preventing spammers from sending unsolicited emails.
  • Our podcast public pages have received a top-to-bottom makeover, with significant improvements to podcast pages, episode pages, and players.
  • You can now automatically split Value4Value donations with other recipients.
  • The need for speed! Behind the scenes, we’ve made a ton of performance improvements. That means overall is faster, more secure, and helps you work even more efficiently.
  • Finally, you can now give the gift of podcasting with Gift Cards. If you know someone who wants to start a podcast in 2024, you can help them get started with a 3, 5, 8, or 12-month digital gift card from Podcasters’ Year in 2023

Finally, we wanted to celebrate YOU, our community of podcasters and everything you’ve accomplished with this year.

Here are some fun stats:

  • Over nineteen million minutes of audio uploaded – that’s a lot of content you created!
  • Roughly equivalent to 36 years of audio in one year or 3 years of audio each month!
  • Enough to fill 260,000 CDs!

If you listened to all the episodes our podcasters produced in 2023 and traveled at 80 miles per hour, you’d be able to cover 25,000 miles; that’s good for one round trip—around the entire Earth!

All in all, it’s been a fantastic year for all of us over at And we’re even more excited for what 2024 will bring!

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