How to Connect Your Podcast's RSS Feed to YouTube - New YouTube RSS Ingestion feature

How to Connect Your Podcast’s RSS Feed to YouTube


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If your podcast isn’t on YouTube, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to get your show in front of millions of potential new followers and fans.

In 2023, YouTube released YouTube Podcasts that allows YouTubers to assign certain content and playlists as a podcast which then makes it eligible to receive special perks – to learn more those benefits click here.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to set up your YouTube channel to have a podcast, and how to connect your hosted podcast directly to YouTube so that you can quickly convert your audio-focused episodes into videos and automatically upload them to your YouTube channel.

set up a new podcast in youtube

Set Up a New Podcast in YouTube

The first thing you’ll need to do is to log into your existing YouTube channel or set up a new one. 

Once you are logged in, select “Content” from the left navigation, and then “Podcasts” from the top navigation. 

You’ll add the title and description of your show and upload a custom thumbnail and then click “create.” 

Once that’s finished, head over to your account at

Need a free account? Click here to sign up. podcast hosting account

Publish to YouTube via

Now that I’ve logged into my account, I can see there’s a small video icon next to all of my published episodes. It will appear gray as opposed to purple indicating the feature is not yet active.

To activate’s “Publish to YouTube” feature, we need to select the “Distribution” tab in the top navigation.

In the “Distribution” tab, scroll down until you see “Publish to YouTube” where we will link up our YouTube channel with our account.

how to link your youtube and accounts

Once you’ve linked the two accounts, you can select a specific playlist (ideally the one you’ve designated as a podcast) and the visibility and audience status of all new episodes that we’ll convert to video and upload to YouTube.

💡 uses its PodViz technology to convert audio-focused episodes into engaging videos

youtube is video made for kids

Is Your Podcast Made for Kids?

Is your podcast made for kids? How should you answer this question?

🚨 Your answer will significantly change who your videos are served to.

If you are not explicitly making content for kids, you should ALWAYS select no.

Made for kids this is not the same as kid friendly. Your podcast may be kid friendly, but unless it’s literally made for kids, you need to select “No, it’s not made for kids.” 

convert podcast episodes into videos

Let’s now go back to the dashboard and the video icon that was gray previously should now be purple indicating the feature is active. 

Click it, and a pop up will appear asking you if you’d like to use a different title and description for the video. 

This is a useful feature you should utilize for YouTube SEO by optimizing your titles and descriptions to help your videos get more visibility and clicks in YouTube.

Next, select “Publish episode” and PodViz will start working it’s magic! 🪄

For more helpful tips on mastering YouTube SEO and performing keyword research for your titles, check out the video below!

Once your episode has been converted into a video, you can go back to your YouTube channel and you will see your new video(s). 

publish your podcast episodes to youtube’s PodViz will create your video using the episode art you added to your episode. 

upload custom episode art

That’s it! Converting your episodes and having them automatically added to your YouTube channel is a breeze with 

Still need a account? Sign up for free below! 

Are you a Visual Learner?

Check out the video below for a full walkthrough of the process we just shared. 

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