Subject To Change: Another Pro-Wrestling PodcastEsplicito

di Vince Lacey, Chad Gelfand, Dylan Miller

'Subject to Change' is a free-form, discussion-based podcast with topics surrounding anything and everything within the world of professional wrestling. Join "The Fabulous Three Bro's", Vince Lacey, Chad Gelfand, and Dylan Miller as they break down all of the top news stories and events that occur on weekly programming, including WWE, AEW, (sometimes) iMPACT, and more. *Disclaimer* Although there are points of discussion pla... Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 2

  • S02 E59 - Demon's Eat Worms Where I'm From

    S02 E59 - Demon's Eat Worms Where I'm FromEsplicito

    We're almost caught up! It's been a rocky last few weeks as far as consistency w/ this show. But with this episode, we are (somewhat) back on track with the ever-evolving storylines in wrestling. And to be honest, there isn't much...

  • S02 E58 - Post-Wrestlemania Lull

    S02 E58 - Post-Wrestlemania LullEsplicito

    The boys are finally back to recap Wrestlemania 38 and share our thoughts on the progression of storylines moving forward. Apologies for the late upload.Results of WM38, who came out as S2C predictions champion?Cody Rhodes is back...

  • S02 E57 - Wrestlemania Weekend Predictions Show

    S02 E57 - Wrestlemania Weekend Predictions ShowEsplicito

    Join us this week as we preview Wrestlemania 38 and NXT Stand Deliver. See how our predictions matched up with the spectacular weekend that was.Follow us on Twitter @sub2changepod

  • S02 E56 - Wrestlemania RAW Watchalong

    S02 E56 - Wrestlemania RAW WatchalongEsplicito

    Kick it with us this week, as we watch RA..scratch that...WRESTLEMANIA RAW, and try to piece together the final movements being made before we head into this STUPENDOUS weekend of wrestling. Are we excited? Will the show live up t...

  • S02 E55 - Wrestlemania PitStop

    S02 E55 - Wrestlemania PitStopEsplicito

    Delving into our thoughts on the build-up to Wrestlemania thus far, including:Where to place Kevin Owens and Stone Cold on the Wrestlemania card.Saving Cody Rhodes for the night of WrestlemaniaOther random subjects: the depth of t...