di Ryan Wyett & Jessica Brock

Jarred returns for its 6th season! This season, we're going to be uncovering low profile/lesser known serial killers. "Fun fact", to be known as a serial killer, your count only needs to be 3...Place your bets, which cast member here at Jarred snaps first? 

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 6

  • S06 E11 - Lee Ford

    S06 E11 - Lee FordEsplicito

    Once again we are down to just 3 cast members, Ryan's back but Amber is not. But it's okay, Ryan brings Lee Ford to our attention, a family annihilator from Cornwall England who strangled his wife and his 4 step children, one afte...

  • S06 E10 - Nancy Doss

    S06 E10 - Nancy DossEsplicito

    We're getting into the habit of their only being 3 of us present per episode. We're Ryan down which means no video. But Amber brings fourth Nancy Doss, AKA The Giggling Granny, AKA The Lonely Hearts Killer. Swiping up her victims ...

  • S06 E09 - Madame Popova

    S06 E09 - Madame PopovaEsplicito

    We're in the last leg of Season 6! This is Jess' last episode for the serial killers and though it's another short and sweet. It's a whopper! Russian serial killer Madame Popova claims killed over 300 people in the 1800s after sta...

  • S06 E08 - Arnold Sodeman

    S06 E08 - Arnold SodemanEsplicito

    Welcome to our shortest episode ever! Ryan isn't here, we lose Amber mid recording and even though Dougie wasn't prepared he pulled one hell of a story together! Arnold Sodeman, AKA The Schoolgirl Strangler. #SerialKillers #Arnold...

  • S06 E07 - Michael Lupo

    S06 E07 - Michael LupoEsplicito

    We're back as a 4some! We're all pretty lit, we're all a bit spicy...Ryan must be presenting. Bringing forth the story of Michael Lupo, AKA The Wolf Man. Brutally and graphically murdering his victims in a violent rampage after co...