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Podcast Movement 2021: Day 2 Recap



It was another exciting day at Podcast Movement 2021! Here’s a recap of the day’s top sessions and events.

podcast movement spanish track

We were thrilled to sponsor the Spanish Language Track. We had some amazing presenters on the stage too!

First, was the father daughter duo Aracely Rivera and Melvin Rivera, and their session “The State of Spanish Language Podcasting.”

The Riveras run Via Podcast where they offer a daily newsletter on the podcasting industry in Spanish.

They also launched a podcasting academy teaching everything you need to know about creating and growing a podcast.

In their session, Aracely and Melvin shared a review of the developments of the last twelve months in the audio-on-demand industry, and the impact on Spanish speakers who podcast in the United States as well as Latin America and Spain.

alejandro vargas

Next up was the “Why it’s time to invest in Latam Podcast Ecosystem” session by Alejandro Vargas.

Alejandro is the director at Podway LA Agencia. The company helps brand podcasts and distribute them to podcast directories.

In his presentation, Alejandro talked about the growth of LATAM markets, and the challenges for things like monetization of podcasts in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and more.

ben and alberto

Shortly after that session ended, our founders Ben Richardson (left), and Alberto Betella (right) snapped this great picture together.

Why is this such a big deal, you ask?

A lot of people don’t know this, but these two started our company without ever having met.

This week at Podcast Movement was the first time they met in person!

Read more about the history of RSS.com here.

Douglas Lezameta

After lunch on the RSS.com stage, we got to hear from Douglas Lezameta, CEO of TV Fusion Latina.

He shared his presentation “Cómo Producir Podcast Para Empresas” which translates in English to “How to Produce a Podcast for Business.

In the bilingual session, Douglas talked about how to find and pitch businesses to podcast for as well as recording, branding, and distribution ideas.

Next up was a presentation with Alex Dali Rizo about how to make an unstoppable podcast (Cómo hacer un podcast imparable).

Alex shared several ingredients in the recipe for success in podcasting.

The big takeaway that seemed to be a running theme not just for his presentation, but for many speakers was the importance of acting like an entrepreneur if you hope to make money and succeed in this industry.

To close out the day on the RSS.com stage, Sebastian Arrechedera of Rainbow Lobster and El Martinez delivered his presentation on “Creativity in Spanish.”

He brought some unique insights from his two decades of experience working in advertising and branded content, and shared how what he has learned can be applied to podcasting.

Other sessions of the day included:

  • EOFire’s Podcast Workflow: 10 Years. 100 Million Downloads. 20 Million in Revenue
  • Tom Webster of Edison Research
  • From Your Mouth to Your RSS feed: Breaking Down the Tech of Podcasting
  • How to Earn a Full-time Living as a Podcaster (Without Selling Ads or Building a Huge Audience)
  • How to become a podcasting millionaire (or at least make more money from your show)
  • Writing for Nonfiction (The “Lore” Method). Perhaps the most important slide from Aaron Mahnke’s presentation was the one that said “Every podcast has a ‘voice.’ Just be you! Be consistent with your writing voice. Voice is better than rules.” 
  • Owning Your Message and Telling The World Through Podcasting
  • Diverse Voices: How Podcasts Drive Independent Storytelling and Create New Media Networks, and so many more

The general themes from the day continued from the first to the last session.

No matter what type of podcast you have, you need to keep these key points in mind:

With today being as educational as it was, we can only imagine what the next two days of this conference will hold.

If you were unable to attend the presentations of the first official day, below are some of the resources we found from the presenters that spoke.

Below are some of the social media posts from the day. Remember to follow us on Twitter for our live tweets and retweets of what’s happening at the conference.

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What a great day at @PodcastMovement!

Looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the live tweeting!

Super special thanks to @SYGpodcasts for bringing me down here and giving me this opportunity. 🖤

I’ll see you tomorrow!#PM21 #PodcastMovement pic.twitter.com/Mabd3tkOpz

— Wil Courtney (@Ars0nik) August 4, 2021

Powerful session from @FlippedLS here at @PodcastMovement #PM21

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! pic.twitter.com/XlQe68TkTm

— Jonathan J. 📱Your Podcast Mentor (@JonathanJSpeaks) August 4, 2021

At ⁦@PodcastMovement#PM21 right before our session with ⁦@Lisa_FM⁩ & ⁦@ginalosborn#podcast #podcasters pic.twitter.com/Ywp1YiPkSP

— George T Bundy #PM21 (@GTBundy) August 4, 2021

Having a lot of fun hanging out at ⁦@PodcastMovement⁩ with some extremely talented #podcasters. ⁦@eBlockRadio⁩ ⁦@KudzukianMedia⁩ ⁦@WelcomeSarah#pm21 pic.twitter.com/vZYDy3aEJ5

— 🚢Randy Wilburn🚢 (@randywilburn) August 4, 2021

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