RSS logo and Grupo Fórmula Form Co-Production Relationship


in and Grupo Fórmula have formed an exclusive distribution, co-production, and sales relationship via a newly created Grupo Fórmula entity named Fórmula Estudios. The companies will co-produce new and original podcasts similar to their first co-production podcast, “El After – Podcast Review.”

AUSTIN, Texas – Aug. 4, 2021 [Spanish version], a global leader in podcast hosting today announced an exclusive co-production, distribution, and sales agreement with Grupo Fórmula, the owner of Radio Fórmula, TeleFórmula, and the newly created podcasting subsidiary Fórmula Estudios. The parties first co-production effort, El After – Podcast Review, a series based on the popular Luis Miguel series on Netflix, was hosted by Romina Pons and Luis Oceguera. As part of the agreement, the parties will co-produce a number of new and original podcasts tailored to the Mexican and the broader Spanish speaking markets. This agreement formalizes a long standing relationship between the two parties.

Grupo Fórmula is the parent company of Radio Fórmula, a Mexico and United States based Spanish language talk radio network with over 100 radio stations in both countries. Grupo fórmula is also the parent company of Telefórmula, PM Onstreet, and the newly formed Fórmula Estudios, their podcast specific production studio. is a multi-lingual podcasting platform that manages hosting, distribution, analytics, and monetization. The company is committed to supporting the emerging growth and consumption of podcasts and podcasting in Mexico and all of Latin America.

El After is the first co-production of & Fórmula Estudios

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