Dr. Nicola Keay- Woman's Hormones

You're Great with Unique Hammond by Unique Hammond

Episode notes

In Episode 29, I am joined by Dr. Nicky Keay, a specialist in women's hormones and recently wrote a fanatics book, "Hormones Health and Human Potential: A guide to understanding your hormones to optimize your health and performance."

We dove deep into LEA, a topic I am very passionate about. LEA stands for Low Energy Availability, and I have seen its impact on women's health firsthand in my practice. In pursuit of a skinny culture, I undernourished myself for most of my 20s and early 30s, all while working hard, partying, and working out like I had nutrients to spare. I had no idea this was a perfect recipe for fostering illness. At that time in my life, even if someone whispered the secret to great health in my ear, I probably would have ignored it. It's hard to imagine feeling shit when you still feel great. Anyway, I hop ... 

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