S01 E01 - Episode One: Meet Nadine & Genny

The Traveling Black Women Podcast by Nadine & Genny

Welcome to the very first episode of the Traveling Black Women Podcast!! Join your favorite Traveling Black Women, Nadine & Genny, as they discuss the ups and downs of travel. This episode is just the beginning...

Jan 25 2023

Welcome to the Traveling Black Women's podcast.
I'm Gypsy Genz.
And I am Nadine.
We are here to discuss our joys, our frustrations, our dislikes, and also give you guys some
tips that you can walk away with.
So this is our very first episode and we're super excited just to talk about travel because
we both love traveling.
By the way, have you seen that post on Instagram that's flying around talking about loving to
speak to people about something that they're passionate about because the way that they
light up and their heart beats and you can just tell the excitement, this is going to
be us.
You know what?
I have not seen that post, but that is so accurate because it's just a different energy, you
know, when someone's talking about something they don't like, like work, they're l

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