The Traveling Black Women Podcast

by Nadine D.

The dream of traveling the world has become increasingly real for more Black women in the past decade. Join Nadine D. and fellow Traveling Black Women as they discuss the joys, frustrations, and nuances of international travel for Black women. Each episode is filled with laughter, travel advice, engaging stories, and the inspiration to go see the world.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Episode 2.3 - Traveling through the Diaspora


    Episode 2.3 - Traveling through the Diaspora


    On this episode of The Traveling Black Women Podcast, Nadine chats with Christina Belloge, Founder of Melanin Travels Magic - An online tour operator specializing in discovering Black heritage throughout the African diaspora. Whether it's food, music, art, or culture, Melanin Travels Magic is dedicated to connecting people of African descent around the world.

  • Episode 2.2: Good Vibes Only!

    Episode 2.2: Good Vibes Only!

    What is travel etiquette? They say travel turns you into a storyteller... Listen in on this fun conversation between Traveling Black Women, Daniele, Keisha, Lauren and I (Nadine), as we share our purpose for traveling and the kick we get out of expecting the unexpected! Together, the four of us have been to Guatemala, Guadeloupe, Colombia, and Mozambique! In this episode, we chat about the do's and don'ts of traveling, researching the cultural norms in unfamiliar destinations, and staying open to how other people experience life. Not only do we share a few of our own crazy travel stories together, but we offer some advice on how to keep the good vibes going on group trips!

  • Episode 2.1: Self Love & Travel

    Episode 2.1: Self Love & Travel

    Welcome to Season 2 of the Traveling Black Women Podcast with your host Nadine!! In this first episode I am chatting with Esha Herbert-Davis, founder of the Carnivalista Lifestyle, as she shares 3 ways to experience self-love through travel. This is a discussion that you won't want to miss! We really dig into the ways we treat ourselves on vacation and the way we treat ourselves "in real life." Tune In! ***To find out more about the Ultimate Girls' Getaway mentioned in this episode visit:

  • Season 1

  • Episode Three: Solo Travel

    Episode Three: Solo Travel

    Solo Travel... The single most loved and feared method of traveling. Could you do it? Have you done it? On this episode Nadine & Genny discuss pushing through the anxiety of traveling alone to explore the world. If you've been considering solo travel, this episode is especially for you!

  • Episode Two: Trinidad Carnival


    Episode Two: Trinidad Carnival


    "Yuh Cyah Play Mas, If Yuh 'Fraid Powder" --- Welcome to the second episode of The Traveling Black Women Podcast! In this episode, your favorite American & British Travel(l)ing Black Women, Nadine and Genny, chat about their love of Trinidad Carnival and their connection to their Trini roots. Listen in as they share tips about "playing mas" in Trinidad, the history of Carnival, and the crazy road stories!