Akinwumi Ogundiran | Nigerian History, The Yoruba, and the Value of Heritage

MissedHistory by Luke Morgante

Episode notes

In the very first episode of the MissedHistory podcast, Luke sits down with Professor Akinwumi Ogundiran to discuss his upbringing in Nigeria, the importance of tradition, and the long history of the Yoruba people (most of whom reside presently in western Nigeria, Benin and Togo).

Ogundiran studied history in his native Nigeria before moving to the United States to receive his PhD from Boston University, in 2000. Since then, he has led or assisted in multiple West African archaeological projects and published a number of books on the region's history, while also teaching at the University of North Carolina. His 2020 book, "The Yoruba: A New History," is one of the most thorough chronicles of the Yoruba people, to-date.

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