Let's Talk Drones

by Chris Fravel | The Drone Geek

A podcast about anything and everything tailored to the interests of drone enthusiasts. The topics may not always include rotors and props, but they will always be hashed out by people in the drone community! You might laugh, you might cry, and you will always walk away having learned something new.  

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E08 - #0008 - Jordan Handwerker

    S01 E08 - #0008 - Jordan HandwerkerExplicit

    Jordan Handwerker is a photographer and filmmaker based out of Central Florida and uses drones (sUAS) in his work on a consistent basis. Jordan started on a DJI Spark and has graduated up to the Mavic 2 Pro he currently uses as a ...

  • S01 E07 - #0007 - Amanda Ochs | Above AZ

    S01 E07 - #0007 - Amanda Ochs | Above AZ

    Amanda Ochs is the founder of Above AZ, an aerial multimedia entity in Arizona, United States. Amanda has been flying drones for several years and specializes in aerial photography, video, and livestreaming. Recently Amanda and Ab...

  • S01 E06 - #0006 - Chris Fravel

    S01 E06 - #0006 - Chris Fravel

    This month's episode of Let's Talk Drones the Podcast features...well, me! I had an unfortunate cancellation from my intended guest for July's episode, so I decided to fill the gap with an episode where I answer questions from my ...

  • S01 E05 - #0005 - Edgar Hurtado

    S01 E05 - #0005 - Edgar Hurtado

    Edgar Hurtado is a drone enthusiast and Part 107 certified remote pilot based in Southern California. While many drone pilots on the podcast and in general tend to lean more toward photography and videography, Edgar puts a Phantom...

  • S01 E04 - #0004 - Tiana & Billy Burt | Burt Marketing Group

    S01 E04 - #0004 - Tiana & Billy Burt | Burt Marketing Group

    Tiana and Billy Burt have built a thriving marketing services company in the Pacific Northwest United States on the back of their Mavic 2 Pro drone. Married for 5 years and working together for 4, this duo exudes chemistry everywh...