31: Health, Hormones & Menstrual Cycles with Lindsay Seitter

The Confident Woman Podcast by Rachel Brooks

Episode notes

In this episode, Erin and Rachel with special guest Lindsey Seitter, a nurse practitioner, discuss healthy lifestyles and menstrual cycles. Lindsey talks about her trip that changed her perspective about motherhood. Let's listen as Lindsey tells her story when she decided to completely surrender to God and the events that lead her to help other women fulfill their desire to become a mother. They discuss tips, tricks and misconceptions on regulating your menstrual cycles.

The girls also talk about the times when they didn't have their period at some point in their lives and how to optimize your body to help you get pregnant. Your period is more important than you think, and losing it indicates something more than meets the eye.

And finally the girls talk about taking some time for yourself everyday to help you lower your stress level ... 

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