The Pursuit Of Discovery Center & Pier

The Pursuit Of... by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson

Episode notes

In this episode of The Pursuit of Podcast, Mark and Ryan are joined by Matt McDonough (CEO) and Stephanie Rustem (Program and Fundraising Coordinator) from Discovery Center and Pier! Matt and Stephanie shared about the Discovery Center's mission to connect people to the Great Lakes through offering barrier-free amenities and programming. The organization provides opportunities to people regardless of financial or physical barriers, and is currently fundraising to redevelop its campus. They also talked about the organization's history as a landlord for freshwater-related nonprofits, and how it has transformed into a program provider with a focus on revitalizing an old cold dock into a barrier-free public park. Additionally, they addressed the misconceptions some people have about the Discovery Center due to its past relationships with other nonpro ... 

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