The Pursuit Of...

by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson

"The Pursuit Of..." is a podcast about what matters. It is a purely guest-centric show focusing on people and organizations that advance positive change. Positivity can be anywhere; and in a time of vast discord, "The Pursuit Of…" is finding those who champion its causes loudest. Hosted by Ryan Buck, Artist Development, New Leonard Media and co-hosted by Mark L. Wilson, Owner, New Leonard Media, we look to give a profound vo ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Pursuit Of Dana Black "I Swear On My Mother's Grave"

    The Pursuit Of Dana Black "I Swear On My Mother's Grave"

    Dana Black is a multi-talented artist, podcaster, and actor. She hosts the podcast "I Swear on My Mother's Grave," where she shares bold and vulnerable conversations about complicated maternal loss. The podcast started during the pandemic and has become a platform for healing and storytelling. Dana is passionate about using her voice and humor to connect with others and explore the theme of grief. As an actor, she wanted to find more control over her creative work and storytelling, which led her to start the podcast. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Dana is proud of her podcast and the impact it has had on others. She encourages aspiring artists to find their own unique paths in the industry and emphasizes the importance of connecting with others through storytelling."The Pursuit Of..." is a podcast produced by New Leonard Media. Visit for all thing audio, video, and podcast related.

  • The Pursuit Of The National Cherry Festival

    The Pursuit Of The National Cherry Festival

    In this podcast episode, Ryan Buck and Mark Wilson interview Kat Paye, CEO of the Festival Foundation in Traverse City. They discuss the role of the Festival Foundation and its various events, such as the National Cherry Festival and the Charity Ball Drop, in creating fun and supporting the community. Kat talks about the misconceptions surrounding the festival industry and emphasizes the Foundation's efforts to give back to the community through scholarships and donations to nonprofits. The conversation also touches on the challenges of organizing events and the experiences of the festival queen.The Pursuit Of... is a podcast from New Leonard Media

  • The Pursuit Of Disability Network Northern Michigan

    The Pursuit Of Disability Network Northern Michigan

    Our guests today are Demarie Jones, an independent living specialist, and Alanna Lahey, the Associate Director of Disability Network Northern Michigan. We had a discussion about their titles to ensure accuracy. Demarie identifies herself as an advocate for people with disabilities when asked what she does. Alanna affirms this and adds that Demarie also holds the title of social worker, among others. They often receive questions about Disability Network, its purpose, and its role in the community. People sometimes mistakenly assume that they determine disability status and provide financial assistance. The organization focuses on generating awareness and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. Both Demarie and Alanna have been with Disability Network Northern Michigan for several years and actively engage in advocacy efforts, including meetings with representatives and senators to bring attention to disability-related issues. They emphasize the importance of personal stories and experiences in making a meaningful impact during these discussions. They also highlight the successful three-year process of changing the accessible parking signage in Michigan to include an active person in a wheelchair, reflecting a more inclusive and accurate representation. Despite the time and effort required for such changes, they remain dedicated and optimistic about their work."The Pursuit Of..." is a podcast produced by New Leonard Media

  • The Pursuit Of Northwest Community Action Agency NMCAA

    The Pursuit Of Northwest Community Action Agency NMCAA

    Episode featuring Kerry Baughman, Erica Austin, and Kim Aultman. They discuss the work of the Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency, their experiences in the nonprofit sector, and the importance of understanding the organization's history. Kerry Baughman explains the agency's mission to identify and address community needs, while also emphasizing the significance of learning from the past. They also touch on topics like national engagement, the challenges of leadership, and the value of seeking feedback and guidance from trusted individuals.The Pursuit Of... is a podcast brought to you by New Leonard Media

  • The Pursuit Of International Affairs Forum

    The Pursuit Of International Affairs Forum

    The guest is Jim Bensley, director of International Service and Service Learning, and emcee and director of Traverse City International Affairs Forum. In response to the question of what he does, Bensley talks about his work with the Service Learning Program, integrating the curriculum with global competencies, developing study abroad programs, teaching in the humanities department, and directing the International Affairs Forum. The Forum brings critical issues happening in the world to the community and provides insight from former diplomats, journalists, and military personnel. Bensley notes that there has been a change in the tone of discussions regarding world affairs in the last decade, with events such as the war in Ukraine and the US's relationship with China causing concern.For More Info visit: podcast production inquiries: