The Pursuit Of...

by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson

"The Pursuit Of..." is a podcast about what matters. It is a purely guest-centric show focusing on people and organizations that advance positive change. Positivity can be anywhere; and in a time of vast discord, "The Pursuit Of…" is finding those who champion its causes loudest. Hosted by Ryan Buck, Artist Development, New Leonard Media and co-hosted by Mark L. Wilson, Owner, New Leonard Media, we look to give a profound vo ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The Pursuit Of Grand Traverse Industries

    The Pursuit Of Grand Traverse Industries

    In this segment of "The Pursuit of Podcast," hosts Ryan Buck and Mark Wilson introduce their guests, Sue Brown, Director of Operations, and Cindy Evans, Executive Director of Grand Traverse Industries (GTI). Cindy highlights GTI's mission of creating paychecks and smiles, focusing on job training and employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Cindy explains how GTI measures success by the happiness and achievements of their team members. Sue discusses the organization's supportive culture and her role in overseeing manufacturing and community programs. Both emphasize the importance of inclusivity and the positive impact GTI has on the community and its members. The Pursuit Of... is a podcast brought by New Leonard Media

  • The Pursuit Of The Little Fleet and Farm Club

    The Pursuit Of The Little Fleet and Farm Club

    Gary Jonas, co-owner of The Little Fleet and Farm Club joins Ryan and Mark for this episode. Gary discusses being in the hospitality business. He describes the fun and rewarding aspects of hosting events and providing a space for people to gather. Gary talks about the stress of balancing work with family life, mentioning the importance of having a great staff to support him. He reflects on his unconventional path into the restaurant business, starting without much prior knowledge and the support of his wife and business partner, Allison. The conversation shifts to the origins of The Little Fleet and Farm Club, highlighting the community support they received in New York City and Traverse City. Gary shares the journey of sourcing locally and adopting a farm-to-table approach. He also discusses the uniqueness of Traverse City as a destination and the success of ventures if done well. Reflecting on his background in economics, Gary emphasizes the importance of following gut instincts in business decisions. He shares stories of opening restaurants and bars, including Sycamore, a whiskey bar, and the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. The discussion concludes with insights into Traverse City's supportive community and its role as an incubator for new ventures. Gary expresses gratitude for living in such a beautiful place and reflects on the success of their ventures, attributing it to hard work and community curiosity. THE PURSUIT OF... is a podcast brought by

  • The Pursuit Of Katie Lowran Art

    The Pursuit Of Katie Lowran Art

    On this episode, artist Katie Lowran shares her journey into art, which began when she inexplicably felt compelled to buy a tube of electric blue paint despite lacking prior artistic experience. She discusses her passion for infusing emotion and feeling into her acrylic paintings, even though she initially studied psychology in college and grew up in an academic household. Katie emphasizes the importance of living life to the fullest and having fun. The podcast also touches on her three artistic children, her business-minded approach, and challenges the stereotype of artists being perceived as "flaky" or impractical.

  • The Pursuit Of Paddle Antrim

    The Pursuit Of Paddle Antrim

    In this conversation, Deana Jerdee, the executive director of Paddle Antrim, discusses her background and the organization's mission. The discussion touches on various topics, including Deana's journey, her experiences in the environmental field, and her passion for water conservation. Deana also shares insights into the collaborative efforts required to establish the Chain O'Lakes Water Trail, emphasizing the importance of community support and shared goals. Throughout the conversation, her motivation and vision for people enjoying and benefiting from the water resources in the region shine through.The Pursuit Of... is a podcast brought by New Leonard Media

  • The Pursuit Of Riley's Candles

    The Pursuit Of Riley's Candles

    Episode features Josh Hart, owner of Riley's Candles, a company that raises funds for emergency surgeries for dogs using candle sales. Josh discusses his shift from a corporate insurance career to his mission-driven endeavor, inspired by his own dog's surgeries. The podcast underscores the importance of relationships and in-person interactions, especially in the Lloyd's of London market. It closes with a focus on Riley's Candles' mission to save dogs and its positive impact on the community. ``The Pursuit Of... Podcast is brought by