Satsang Podcast - Justin Levy (Conscious Alliance)

Satsang Podcast by Satsang

Episode notes

Today on the podcast I have Justin Levy, Executive Director for Conscious Alliance.

I have known about Conscious Alliance since their earliest days. I would see them doing poster giveaways in exchange for canned food at shows I was attending growing up. Once I dove into their mission and how they supported those in need I was blown away. The work they do at Pine Ridge in particular is so moving to me. The idea of pairing music and music fans with helping people in need has always been the ethos of Satsang. Those same principles are the very foundation of Conscious Alliance and I could not be more honored to be working with them.

To celebrate the premiere of the new single we have dedicated a page on our website to Conscious Alliance. There you will find the first listen video for “Alone With You” as well as information on Conscious A ... 

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