Mark Farner: on Grand Funk Railroad, New Music, and the Cowbell's Cool-Factor

Rock & Roll Nightmares by Staci Layne Wilson

Episode notes

Staci's guest is the incredibly talented and legendary musician and vocalist, Mark Farner. He is a founding member of the original Grand Funk Railroad and a platinum recording artist. You know and love him from classic rock staples like “I’m Your Captain” (Closer to Home)” “We’re An American Band” and “Heartbreaker.” He’s also in Staci's documentary, “The Ventures: Stars on Guitars.” As 2023 closes out, Mark has three big projects that he’s working on and releasing—a re-discovered concert from 1989, Farner’s chords instructional guitar playing videos, and a new album that’s produced by Mark Slaughter. He also discusses Lynn Goldsmith's creative influence on GFR, the magic of the cowbell, and shares his own personal rock & roll nightmare!

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