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Don't Pigeonhole Your Freaking Case Studies ft. Joel Klettke - Rankable Ep. 128

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Episode notes

In episode 128, Joel Klettke of Case Study Buddy drops by to discuss the underrated value of the case study for SEO and beyond.

Joel argues that a well-designed customer story is not a fluff piece. How do your buyers talk? Should you use jargon in your customer stories? Klettke shares his experience of creating a buffet of content from your customer story interviews.


[0:00] Intro

[2:57] How can B2B companies effectively integrate SEO strategies into their customer success stories to enhance their online visibility?

[5:17] From an SEO and human perspective should you try to use jargon in the content of the customer story?

[7:35] Don’t limit the use cases and potential of your case studies.

[10:50] Leveraging case study videos for SEO value.

[12:45] Are SEOs involved in case study crea ... 

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