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  • Season 6

  • Schema Value in SEO Beyond Rich Snippets ft Dave Ojeda

    Schema Value in SEO Beyond Rich Snippets ft Dave Ojeda

    In episode 120, Dave Ojeda stops by to chat about the intricacies of Schema markup.Dave emphasizes the value of Schema and its role beyond enhancing search engine visibility. We discuss entities and the relationship they have with semantic Schema markup as well as how they enrich the context of your content.Dave also highlights common mistakes to avoid when working with Schema and the advantages of implementing Schema markup within your organization.(0:00) Intro(4:02) The Value of Schema(7:19) Entities in the Context of Schema(9:03) The Advantage of Schema Markup(11:13) How to Implement Schema Markup at Your Organization?(14:05) How will the Importance of Schema Change in the Future?(18:35) Common Mistakes People Make With Schema(23:00) Rapid Fire RankingsTop 3 of anything:Star WarsJawsClose Encounters of the Third KindRank your best SEO marketing win:Years ago I was brought in because a client was losing rankings and pages were getting de-indexed. What we realized was that the pages were from a certain group that controlled a certain area of the site. And it ended up being a disgruntled employee who was intentionally making changes to impact the site’s rankings.Rank your top 3 SEO tools:Schema AppKeyword InsightsSite BulbRank your best SEO or trick or tactic:Live in the SERPs. Use the tools as a guide, but live in the SERPs.Rank what you love most about the SEO industry:It’s always changing.Rank your top 1-3 marketers:Martha van BerkelJess JoyceJarno van DrielRank your best SEO learning resource:Conversations.Rank your top cause or charity:Habitat for Humanity.

  • Enterprise Level Technical SEO Audit Software ft Serge Bezborodov

    Enterprise Level Technical SEO Audit Software ft Serge Bezborodov

    In episode 119, Serge Bezborodov of JetOctopus joins the show for an enlightening conversation about technical SEO at the enterprise level.Serge shares thoughts on the uniqueness of technical SEO and discusses the critical data types that hold significance in the space. We discuss key features to pay attention to in your technical SEO software and best practices for effectively crawling large websites.Serge also dishes out some strategies to identify and address JavaScript SEO issues and improve your communication with developers.(0:00) Intro(3:15) What is Unique about Technical SEO?(4:40) What Type of Data Matters for Technical SEO?(8:30) Key Features to Look For in Your Technical SEO Software(12:12) Best Practices for Crawling Large Sites(16:13) Identifying Javascript SEO Issues(20:57) Communicating with Developers(23:07) Rapid Fire RankingsTop 3 of anything:MotorcyclesSpear FishingFamilyRank your best SEO marketing win:More than 10 years ago we built and bought some backlinks and got a huge amount of traffic.Rank your top 3 SEO tools:GSCAhrefsYour handsRank your best SEO or trick or tactic:Seeing the results and impact.Rank what you love most about the SEO industry:It’s always changing.Rank your top 1-3 marketers:Our clients.Rank your best SEO learning resource:Google Web Master Tools.Rank your top cause or charity: Save Life

  • A Crash Course in GA4 Management for SEO ft Brie E Anderson

    A Crash Course in GA4 Management for SEO ft Brie E Anderson

    In episode 118, Brie Anderson of BEAST Analytics joins the show to talk Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and its impact on SEO.Brie shares thoughts on the issues with GA4 auto-migration and discusses how to rethink measuring your digital presence.We also explore the fundamental differences between Universal Analytics (UA) and GA4 and discuss the most important aspects of GA4 that every SEO should be aware of.(0:00) Intro(2:52) GA4 Auto-Migration(5:25) Rethinking How You Measure Your Digital Presence(9:35) GA4 Reporting for SEO(12:42) Why SEOs Should Learn GA4(15:04) Fundamental Differences Between UA and GA4(18:09) Is GA4 for Everybody?(21:28) How to Approach Attribution in 2023(27:26) The Most Important Things SEOs Should Know About GA4(29:51) Rapid Fire RankingsTop 3 of anything:Wyatt’s song, The Wonder YearsMiserable at best, Mayday ParadeIf it means a lot to you, A Day to RememberRank your best SEO marketing win:Finding thousands of dollars of waste in a campaign because the client had the same name as an action figure and plumbing product - CPA went way down after excluding a bunch of keywords.Rank your top 3 SEO tools:Search ConsoleScreaming FrogMozRank your best SEO or trick or tactic:Actually looking at SERPs .Rank what you love most about the SEO industry:It’s always changing.Rank your top 1-3 marketers:Marie HayesCharles FarinaRand FishkinRank your best SEO learning resource:YouTube & Twitter.Rank your top cause or charity:To Write Love On Her Arms

  • AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence for SEO ft Jason Tatum

    AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence for SEO ft Jason Tatum

    In episode 117, Jason Tatum, VP of Product at CallRail, joins the show to discuss AI-Powered call tracking and how it can be used to uplift your SEO efforts.Jason highlights the valuable relationship between AI-powered call tracking and SEO, emphasizing the identification of patterns and trends.We also glimpse into the future of AI at CallRail and discuss the ways that organizations are seamlessly implementing the technology into SEO and marketing processes.(0:00) Intro(10:20) AI-Powered Call Tracking and the Relationship to SEO(15:15) How to Identify Patterns and Trends(17:02) How Marketing Teams are Using CallRail Summaries(18:31) How Marketers Apply Brand Sentiment Insights from Summaries(20:51) The Future of AI at CallRail(25:38) How to Implement This Technology into SEO Processes(27:30) Conversation Intelligence with CallRail(30:50) Rapid Fire RankingsTop 3 of anything:CyclingGreat BritainLifeRank your best Product marketing win:When Google Data Studio was first released, we got invited to be a part of the beta. We got the CallRail link up on the Google Studio page. That's my best win.Rank your top 3 Product tools:Pen & PaperAtlasHeyRank your best SEO or Product trick or tactic:Have call summaries setup.Rank what you love most about being in the Product industry:Making people's businesses and days better.Rank your top 1-3 marketers:Laura BeussmanMarie Pat DonallenAndy PowellRank your best SEO or Product learning resource:Neil Patel & Rand FishkinRank your top cause or charity:Bike Law

  • SEO is Relative: Modern Search Intent ft Lyndon Nelson-Allen

    SEO is Relative: Modern Search Intent ft Lyndon Nelson-Allen

    In episode 116, Lyndon Nelson-Allen stops by the show to have an in-depth discussion about search intent.Lyndon sheds light on what SEOs often misunderstand about search intent and provides insights into how Google approaches and evaluates intent using various signals and factors.We also chat about the reasons why Google may not always provide the "best" answer and the challenges surrounding content quality on the web.(0:00) Intro(2:30) What Do SEOs Get Wrong About Search Intent?(3:40) How Does Google Think About Intent?(4:43) Signals and Factors(6:25) How Should SEOs Approach Content?(8:27) Why Doesn’t Google Provide the Best Answer?(10:22) SEO is Relative(11:58) Original Content vs Replication(13:53) SERP Volatility(15:55) Have Results Improved?(17:48) Are We Being Retrained by Google?(21:25) The Issue with Content Quality on the Web(24:20) Creativity vs Information(26:12) How SGE Will Impact List(28:33) Will Google Get Transactions Right?(30:03) Rapid Fire RankingsTop 3 of anything:My kidsCoconutSupernaturalRank your best SEO marketing win:16%+ CTR on Google Ads is likely my favorite (as it's just such a stupidly high figure).Rank your top 3 SEO tools:Google Search ConsoleSemrushPHP & MySQLRank your best SEO trick or tactic:Building out content stacks.Rank what you love most about SEO as an industry:Winning!Being able to apply knowledge/skills/experience from numerous jobs.Rank your top 1-3 marketers:David OgilvyShaun Anderson (HoboWeb)Ann SmartyRank your best SEO learning resource:Forums.Rank your top cause or charity:Women in Tech SEOTwitter: @techseowomen