Episode 3 - Carter Welch - Making mega corporation experience available to small business

Protea Conversations by Zane Stevens

Episode notes

Meet Carter Welch!

He is a family man who finds comfort and strength in his faith. This marketing genius for large corporations now uses his strengths to help small businesses.

Zane Stevens interviews Carter Welch, a branding, sales, and business coaching professional. Carter shares his career journey, from working in brand management for big companies like Procter & Gamble to starting his own consulting business. He emphasizes the importance of listening to clients and understanding their needs and the value of taking baby steps and starting where you are. Carter also discusses his challenges along the way and offers advice for improving leadership skills.


- Listen to your clients and understand their needs.

- Take baby steps and start where you are.

- Be willing to make changes and let go  ... 

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