Protea Conversations

by Zane Stevens

"Protea Conversations" is an enlightening leadership podcast that delves into the dynamic world of business and accounting. In each episode, we engage with seasoned leaders to unravel their unique stories, uncovering pivotal advice that has shaped their success. Our guests generously share insights and practical guidance, offering listeners valuable lessons to propel their own career trajectories.

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 2 - Mark Corum - He build an add-on to make your accounting life easier!

    Episode 2 - Mark Corum - He build an add-on to make your accounting life easier!

    Meet Mark Corum! The entrepreneur who became a bookkeeper then became an app developer. In this episode of Protea Conversations, Zane Stevens interviews Mark Corum, a visionary who seamlessly blended the world of bookkeeping and technology to create solutions that transform the accounting industry. Mark shares his journey from bookkeeper to tech innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, and experience starting an outsourced accounting company. He also discusses his transition into programming and the similarities between accounting and programming. Mark talks about collaborating with Hector Garcia and his favorite features of Right Tool. The conversation provides insights into Mark's career and the future of accounting. In this conversation, Mark Corum discusses his ideal work environment, the challenges he faced in his career, the importance of personal connections, and his love for board games. He emphasizes the value of flexibility and an output-based work culture. Mark also shares his short-term goals and offers advice for career success. Takeaways - Mark's journey from bookkeeper to tech innovation - The importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset - The similarities between accounting and programming - The impact of collaboration and creating user-centric software Creating an ideal work environment involves finding a balance between personal satisfaction and professional growth. - Challenges and setbacks can lead to unexpected opportunities and career changes. - Maintaining personal connections and scheduling time for loved ones is essential for happiness and fulfillment. - Flexibility and output-based work cultures can lead to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. - Short-term goals should align with personal interests and provide opportunities for growth and learning. - Persistence and effort are key to achieving success in any career. - Engaging in hobbies and personal interests outside of work can contribute to overall happiness and well-being. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to Proteo Conversations 00:56 Mark's Journey from Bookkeeper to Tech Innovation 03:26 Mark's Entrepreneurial Mindset 06:30 The Pooper Scooper Business 18:11 Starting an Outsourced Accounting Company 19:23 Getting into Programming 34:59 Collaborating with Hector Garcia 39:09 Favorite Features of Right Tool 40:41 Day-to-Day Life as a Bookkeeping Programmer 40:50 Ideal Work Environment 43:03 Challenges and Decision to Go into Programming 46:31 Flexibility and Output-Based Work 48:30 Short-Term Goals 49:35 Advice for Career Success 52:29 Importance of Personal Connections 53:45 Board Games and Personal Life 55:15 Rapid Fire Questions 58:18 Closing Remarks Connect with Mark: Website - LinkedIn personal - Facebook business - Follow Zane: LinkedIn - Twitter - Instagram -

  • Episode 1 - Andrea Christensen - Owner of a 100 year business!

    Episode 1 - Andrea Christensen - Owner of a 100 year business!

    In this episode of Protea Conversations, host Zane Stevens interviews Andrea Christensen, the principal of H & N Christensen Company, a family-owned insurance agency. Andrea shares her journey of carrying on the business started by her grandfather over a hundred years ago. Andrea discusses the challenges and rewards of running a family business and highlights the importance of understanding the insurance policies she sells. Andrea also emphasizes the value of serving nonprofit clients and the need for continuous education in the insurance industry. The episode concludes with rapid-fire questions and closing remarks. Takeaways - Running a family business comes with unique challenges and rewards. - Understanding the insurance policies you sell is crucial for providing the best service to clients. - Serving nonprofit clients can be fulfilling and requires knowledge of their specific needs. - Continuous education and staying up-to-date with industry changes are essential for success in the insurance industry. - Being a good leader involves listening, caring about your team, and setting boundaries for work-life balance. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to Protea Conversations 01:02 Andrea's Family Business Legacy 07:04 Challenges of Running a Family Business 11:16 A Day in the Life of an Insurance Agency Principal 14:16 Serving Nonprofit Clients 26:30 Short-Term Goals and Future Plans 29:58 Best Advice Received and Given 32:41 Advice for Becoming a Better Leader 35:41 Getting to Know Andrea as a Person 43:44 Rapid Fire Questions 44:13 Closing Remarks Connect with Andrea: Website - LinkedIn -