Tara McCommons, VP Sales and Marketing, LinkConnector

Published: Oct 29 2020

Many of our clients and our listeners have been asking for a deeper dive into some of the technologies available to get better results, make better decisions and incentivize affiliates for the right type of orders. Well, today my guest delivers!

Today’s episode features the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LinkConnector - Tara McCommons! Tara and I have been friends forever. And just last week she was named as one of the PerformanceIn top 50 industry players for 2020! And we couldn’t agree more. Tara is a driving force in our industry. Congratulations Tara!

In today’s podcast we dive into specific technologies available for advertisers at LinkConnector - Nake Coupons and Advanced Commissioning. Both of these technologies allow you to run more efficient and higher producing affiliate programs, reach out to non-traditional affiliates (influencers and content producers etc) and provide really unique commissioning structures in real time to ensure you are incentivizing the right affiliate behavior and paying for the right type of sales. It’s a deep dive into the weeds that I’m sure you will find a ton of value on.

Give it a listen!

And if you’d like to contact Tara directly - email, linkedin and www.linkconnector.com

In this episode’s intro I talk about a report that Tara and LinkConnector helped me put together last year titled The Truth About Coupon Affiliates. We scoured sources for actual data on Coupon sites, their orders and customers and what value they actually provide. Many networks provided actual data for this report. Go to www.jebcommerce.com/value to download this free report.