Profitable Performance Marketing

by Jamie Birch

Jamie Birch, a 20 year veteran of the affiliate marketing space, talks to industry experts on all sides of the marketplace, affiliates, advertisers, networks and vendors. Discussions around affiliate marketing, incremental sales and anything related to running a profitable affiliate channel. If you are an advertiser with an affiliate program or thinking of starting one, this podcast is for you. We recently created a downloadab ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • What should my affiliate newsletter and overall communication cadence be?

    What should my affiliate newsletter and overall communication cadence be?

    JEBCommerce Founder, Jamie Birch, takes a question from a prospective client: “What should my affiliate newsletter and overall communication cadence with my affiliates be?”Jamie discussed these points:Don’t communicate too littleDon’t communicate too oftenOnly communicate with your affiliates when you have something impactful to sayIf you don’t have anything impactful to say, find something impactful to sayNo less than quarterly because of seasonality, but that really isn’t enoughUse both in network and outside network communication methodsFind the preferred communication mediums of your affiliates and focus on thatGive it a listen!

  • Season 3 is coming soon!


    Season 3 is coming soon!


    Welcome to Season Three of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast! Get ready for a series of engaging discussions as we enter Q4 and journey through Q1. This season boasts an impressive guest list, including industry luminaries like Michael McNerney, Nick Marchese, and Stephanie Schwab.What makes this season unique is that nearly all our guests are podcast first-timers, offering fresh perspectives on digital marketing. We're also committed to tackling important industry topics, like the role of the affiliate channel in dealing with overstocked items, so feel free to send us your burning questions at you for being a part of the Profitable Performance Marketing podcast community. Get ready for a thrilling season ahead filled with insightful discussions and expert guests!

  • Season 2

  • Sales Are The New Likes, Views, and Clicks with Andy Hohl

    Sales Are The New Likes, Views, and Clicks with Andy Hohl

    Today I speak with Andy Hohl, Brand Partnerships and Sales at MagicLinks. As Public Relations and Affiliate Marketing continue to merge, we at JEBCommerce try to bring you the conversations that will help you navigate this brave new world. And this is just one of those conversations.MagicLinks is an influencer platform, working with over 25,000 influencers and 4500 brands. Andy and I discuss best practices in working with MagicLinks, their influencers, and integrating affiliate marketing and PR in this way.Andy has been working in PR and Affiliate Marketing for over a decade and has seen the transition and the integration of these two channels happen for some time. Needless to say, he has some great insight.If you are trying to navigate this new thing, this is definitely the episode for you.Want to contact Andy? Follow him on LinkedIn or email.

  • Affiliate Marketing in a Recession or Economic Downturn

    Affiliate Marketing in a Recession or Economic Downturn

    Are we entering an economic downturn? Who really knows. There are quite a few signs that we are and that is scary. Not only for individuals, but for businesses as well, and it can be tough to figure out how to get through it.Jamie, PPM host and CEO of JEBCommerce, has learned a lot from previous downturns and a multitude of other events with far-reaching impacts. In today's episode he discusses several reasons how, during times like these, Affiliate Marketing is a top performer and why it should get more investment, not less.Jamie talks about how the affiliate channel provides:Security: You only incur costs after you see revenueAudience flexibility: Affiliates are constantly stretching, innovating, flexing, and pivoting to reach new markets and acquire new customers. You literally have thousands of shots and getting it right and finding the new markets that adjust.Investment flexibility: Many companies during the pandemic saw a huge increase in their demand but didn’t plan for what would happen when things started opening up. Now they are experiencing pain because of that growth which wasn’t necessarily sustainable. Affiliates allow for ebb and flow with demand.Float: Cashflow is king and affiliates allow you to keep the cash until your invoice comes in. That can be huge.Profit and margins: The affiliate channel has the ability to quickly adapt to keep you profitable.Liquidation: Coupon affiliates have the ability to move clearance products quickly and at a higher profit margin than other options. Check out our blog post on the topic: Coupon Affiliate Marketing More Important as Economy Swings DownGive this episode a listen and let us know what you think!Also, if you need help developing your strategy, we have a free PDF that outlines strategies to thrive in uncertain times. Do yourself (and business) a favor and check it out today.

  • Build it and they won't come – Affiliate Marketingis hard

    Build it and they won't come – Affiliate Marketingis hard

    One of the most common mistakes a brand can make with their affiliate channel is to create it and then expect it to start producing sales, grow over time, and achieve their goals without a ton of time, attention, expertise, and experimentation. Today our host, Jamie Birch, talks about why this isn't the case and outlines 4 steps to take now to increase revenue and find greater success in the channel.