S01 E28 - general chat

My MS Journey by Mike Parker

Loved recording this episode, talking about how my first treatment with Ocrevus went and just generally chatting about what I've been upto.

Feb 20 2023

Hello, welcome to my next podcast. On the show today, I'm going to stay along the old
school line that I went on the last one. No scripts, nothing like that. I'm just going
to be talking about my treatment that I had on Friday and just generally chatting about
me, what I've been up to and yeah, just sort of giving you all a bit of an insight as to
what I've been up to recently. Well, we will start with the most obvious. Finally, finally,
I've started on my treatment. I've started on ocrevis. I was given my first half a bag.
That was Friday. I got to the hospital before eight in the morning. I had my preliminary
checks done, signed my consent and whatever else. Apparently, I've been consented as primary
progressive. Yep. Okay, I'll take that. You know, at least we've got an idea of what's

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