Living with multiple sclerosis (MS)

by Mike Parker Lincolnshire

Discussing everything that life throws up at me after my diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis (MS),

This will be a very heartfelt, honest, and open chat.

This is all still very new to me, so it just felt right to open up about my journey in the hope that my story can help others.

I will try to be nothing other than just me. That will mean jokes being made from time to time and being as light-hearted as possibl ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • How I overcame my fear of MRI scanners REVISIT

    How I overcame my fear of MRI scanners REVISIT

    Revisiting my guide to overcoming a phobia of MRI scanners. Discussing upcoming blood tests as well as touching on how one of my hobbies is going.

  • MS chat and Next treatment

    MS chat and Next treatment

    In the past week, some MS friends have come together and started a weekly chat on social media; the first was Wednesday, just gone, and it was a massive success. That will now be a weekly show at 8 pm GMT on TikTok. Also, discussing how the meeting went with the cognitive MS study I'm taking part in and explained about Ocrevus treatment for MS.

  • Origins of MS and update

    Origins of MS and update

    I was discussing the news that broke about the origins of MS, giving my thoughts and opinions. I am explaining my mental health issues after starting the new year without a job for the first time. This is an update on how I've started seeing the positives again and fought to regain the confidence that had been lost.

  • Christmas and staying positive.

    Christmas and staying positive.

    Talking about the new ways I'm recording episodes. Discussing Christmas, talking about how MS is affecting me, as well as what I'm doing to stay positive.

  • Season 1

  • Sky dive!!!

    Sky dive!!!

    Talking about the skydive, and my new job!.explaining about an issue with my lower back and how I'm having to replace my mobility scooter.