Laura Haldane: From psychology to entrepreneurship, top tips on scientist networking, and LinkedIn tactics for global marketing success

Life, Science and Marketing by Paul Avery

Episode notes

Life, Science, and Marketing Podcast: Episode 2

Guest: Laura Haldane, Co-Founder & VP Sales & Marketing at SciLEADS

Laura's Background:

  • Degree in psychology from Queen's University Belfast
  • Started career in life sciences through a graduate program at Randox
  • Previously worked in sales roles at various life science companies
  • Reconnected with her SciLEADS co-founders to start the company

Key Discussion Points:

  • The founding story of SciLEADS and how it provides automated lead gen tailored to scientists
  • Laura's passions like gardening, dog rescue, and tracing her ancestry through multiple DNA tests
  • Her fascination with complex technologies like CRISPR despite not having a science background
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