Episode #1 Hotel, tourism, leisure, post-pandemic with John Fareed + James Chappell from Horwath HTL Global | Chef Table Podcast

Hotel & Restaurant Times - Chef Table Podcast by Cyril McAree

Episode notes

Join us with John Fareed and James Chappell from Horwath HTL Global, the world’s largest and most experienced hospitality consulting brand where we discuss:

  • how the pandemic accelerated existing trends

  • the risk / reward ration in HTL (hotel, tourism & leisure)

  • the great resignation & staff shortages in hospitality

  • innovation and technology in the industry

  • global distressed assets

  • prioritising customers and flexibility

  • technology hybrids – the future for hospitality

  • endemic – tourism 2022 predictions

Join us for episode #2 where we talk to Michelin Star chef and restauranteur, Oliver Dunne, founder of Oliver Dunne Restaurants.

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