Dealing With Sin In The Local Church [2 Corinthians 12:20-13:4]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Jason Lim

God wants His church to be holy. Sin in the church must therefore be prevented, and dealt with.How do we do it?1. The Destructiveness of SinWe see the gore and pain in Paul's description of the sin issue amongst the Corinthians. We need to have a sense of the deadliness and severity of sin in our souls in order to pursue holiness.2. The Defence against SinThe Corinthians are mired in sin. This is in no small part because they have forsaken Apostolic teaching and wandered off into following false teachers. Conversely, the defence against sin involves teaching sound doctrine and avoiding false teachers.3. The Deliverance from SinWhen sin has seeped into the church, then we all have a responsibility to speak to the sinner/s, to restore him/them in the spirit of meekness. And the church also has a responsibility to "spank"  ... 

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