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  • Be Holy, For I Am Holy [Leviticus 19-20]

    Be Holy, For I Am Holy [Leviticus 19-20]

    By Pastor Jason Lim God's people are to be set apart from the world.  So God gave Israel the laws that should inform their conduct in Leviticus 19. We see that these laws are good. They are good in and of themselves & they are good for human flourishing, for they flow from the good law-giver, the LORD. These laws are also summarized in the 1st and 2nd great commandments, which speak of love. And these laws are God-centered- that they are to be obeyed because of God Himself. As we reflect on the laws in the Bible, we learn that the Law serves as:  1. A Guardian- to lead us to Christ by showing our need for forgiveness.  2. A Guide- to show us what it means to love God.  3. A Gauge- obedience to God is the best evidence of true salvation

  • Safeguards Against Idolatry [Leviticus 17-18]

    Safeguards Against Idolatry [Leviticus 17-18]

    By Pastor Jason Lim Beasts, Blood & Body. Ancient laws given 3500 years ago regarding these things may seem very strange to us. But the laws given in Leviticus 17 and 18 are designed to prevent idolatry in Israel. God has committed Himself to Israel as the LORD their God. And Israel must be loyal to Him. These laws are therefore gracious provisions to help them worship and serve God alone. Check out this sermon here to find out more.  This sermon will also explore the question of eating blood, examine the relationship between immorality & idolatry, and provoke thinking on how we can safeguard ourselves against idols.

  • Day Of Atonement [ Leviticus 16]

    Day Of Atonement [ Leviticus 16]

    By Pastor Jason Lim We celebrate the Lunar New Year here in Singapore. It is one of the most important days for Chinese people all around the world. But for the Jews, Yom Kippur is the most holy day of their calendar. This is when they seek forgiveness from God as a nation. And it has its roots all the way back in Moses' book of Leviticus. God has ordained an elaborate ritual for the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). It is, in light of Hebrews chapter 9, a pictorial instruction or even dramatization, of the atonement through Jesus Christ. It is an enactment that teaches the person and work of Jesus Christ in securing our eternal redemption. Find out how this is so, and what it all means in this sermon here.  May you also soon come to your day of atonement!

  • You Can Make Me Clean [ Leviticus 12-15]

    You Can Make Me Clean [ Leviticus 12-15]

    By Pastor Jason Lim Leviticus 12-15 seem rather bizarre to some.  Why is menstruation, or childbirth or bodily discharge considered unclean? But just like Leviticus 11 about kosher and non-kosher food, these are instructional tools from God to teach Israel about being clean and unclean, and how the clean can draw near to God, whilst the unclean cannot.   This passage also speaks about leprosy- an infections skin disease.  Leprosy renders a man unclean, turns him into an untouchable, and pretty much condemns him to lifelong misery and alienation. It is often used as a symbol of sin or the judgment of God against sin, as seen in the cases of Miriam, Gehazi & King Uzziah.  But the narrative arcs of leprosy and even excessive menstruation find their solution in the Lord Jesus Christ.  "He can make us clean" was the confidence of those whom Jesus healed.  And Jesus today can also make you and I clean from our sins, and lead us back to God.

  • Lamp Chop Or Pork Chop [Leviticus 11]

    Lamp Chop Or Pork Chop [Leviticus 11]

    By Pastor Jason Lim Clean vs unclean. Kosher vs non-kosher. Lamb chop or pork chop. Leviticus 11 makes a clear distinction between them. So what is clean and unclean? What is this distinction based on? Is it still binding for today? And what is the real spiritual lesson behind it all? This is a sermon that takes us through the teaching of "Food & the Bible", and how it leads us ultimately to Jesus and the gospel.