The Final Destination [Colossians 3:1-4]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Paul Choo

Christians have little concept of our Final Destination, the New Heaven and New Earth (NHNE). Few sermons are preached on the NHNE. Most Christians have only heard a sermon about “the spirit of our dearly departed brother is now with the Lord” at a funeral service.The concept of a resurrected body living eternally in a NHNE (which is a super version of the Garden of Eden) is hardly known to most Christians. Because of this lack of understanding, most Christians try to grab as much of this present world before “it is too late”!This is the reason why most Christians have very little time or resources to serve God because there are so many fascinating things in this world yet to experience. If they only knew that they have an eternity to enjoy a much better world than this one, they will certainly have more time/resources  ... 

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