Episode notes

By Pastor Paul Choo

Gospel Light’s vision is to be an ‘Acts Church For Today’, a church that proclaims the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and keeps multiplying. We also want to fulfil our mission of leading others into a life-changing relationship with Jesus through discipling new believers.

THE GREAT COMMISSION given by Jesus in Mat. 28:18-20 should really be called the GREAT COMMANDMENT. This therefore requires GLCC to be a MISSIONAL CHURCH not merely a MISSIONARY-SENDING CHURCH. A missional church is a church where everyone is on a mission to make disciples. A missionary-sending church is a church that is merely sending out missionaries.

TRADITIONAL Missions emphasize the following:

1) TRAIN a believer to be a missionary by teaching missionary METHODS.

2) SEND the missionary to PLANT a CHURCH/MINISTRY

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