Paul, Aren't You Afraid to Die? [2Corinthians 4:16-5:10]

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Jason Lim

Paul was fearless, even in the face of extreme persecution. How is it possible?

  1. The Reasoning

His secret was in his perspective. He chose to focus on the unseen glory, which is eternal; and not on the seen affliction, which is transient. In fact, he sees his affliction as light and momentary, when compared with the eternal weight of glory that is to come. So, he was not afraid to die. He looked to the reward and joy that follow after death.

  1. The Resurrection

The eternal glory is inextricably tied to the glorious resurrected body. He knew that even if his current body was destroyed, he will be clothed again with a better, more glorious and eternal body from God. His confidence was in God, who has assured him through the work of the Holy Spirit.

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