(199) "Cannibalism in the Church"

Global Outpouring by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

What is the difference between an intercessor and a gossip? Back-biting, criticism, gossiping, and offense are rooted in the flesh. Sharon and Philip share a download from the Holy Spirit about dealing with “flesh flashes” from ourselves and other Believers and the urgent need for spiritual maturity in the Body of Christ. Now is the time for Believers to get close to the Father so we can leave behind the things of the flesh and grow up in the Spirit. Only then can we treat each other the way we’ve been called to — with Love. The enemy wants to keep us divided, but Jesus prayed that we would be One as He and the Father are One. Join the Busses as they dig into the scriptures for practical keys to taking the “high road” and growing up into mature sons of God.

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