Interview with Sharon's son George Ackerman

Coaching as Benevolence by Eryn Elder and L'Shawn Howard

Episode notes

Eryn and L'Shawn interview Sharon's son George Ackerman, caregiver turned advocate. Ackerman was caregiver to his mother Sharon until she died with Parkinson's disease on January 1, 2021. The discussion centers around grief, caregiving, and self-care, with Parkinson's disease caregiver and advocate George Ackerman sharing his personal journey and highlighting the importance of self-care. The conversation also touches on the importance of environmental factors in the development of Parkinson's disease, the need for greater awareness, and the value of community and love in the face of challenges. For more information about George Ackerman's journey, read his book "A Son's Journey: From Parkinson's Disease Caregiver to Advocate: In Memory of My Mother Sharon"

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