Beautiful Healing w/Marijana Brdar

Beautiful Healing - The Power of You by Elin Skjelbred

Episode notes

Meet my friend & Mastermind partner Marijana Brdar from Germany in this beautiful conversation about the meaning behind "Beautiful Healing - The Power of You"


Note from Marijana:

Our life with our life experiences is the best teachers on our self-healing journey to become the best version of ourselves. The best version of myself means observing, unboxing, and healing from my own blocking beliefs and conditioning about myself, others, and the world, growing and going my way authentically and with clarity.

I am Marijana Brdar. Today I am working as a mindset and transformational coach and as an author. I follow what I am passionate about and I have learned to give myself permission to hear, see and live my needs. It has been quite a journey to get where I am today. I used to think that I just neede ... 

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beautiful healing