Beautiful Healing - The Power of You

by Elin Skjelbred

Healing our wounds & shadows doesn't always feel like a beautiful process. However, learning to love your journey to Heal, Transform & Find Peace within the power of who you are, and become the best version of your true, authentic self, is a beautiful and empowering journey! Let's explore the Power of You, my friend, and make your healing journey the best it can be, so that you can be, do and have the life of your dreams!  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The True Power of Your Voice

    The True Power of Your Voice

    "Your voice should always speak your truth, and when you speak your truth, you give everyone listening access to discover their truth." To be a game-changing conscious leader, your awareness of your words, communication style, tone, and behavior is crucial to making the ultimate impact and transformation for your people. Learn the different voices from your Human Design Throat Center, and see how you're designed to best communicate with the world. Come chat with me E-mail:

  • The Beautiful Qualities of Conscious Embodied Leadership

    The Beautiful Qualities of Conscious Embodied Leadership

    There is a big calling right now for more authentic and embodied leadership. A calling for a new kind of power to create more balance and sustainability. Embodied leaders are revolutionary guides who walk into the unknown because the known and predictable paths are no longer enough. If you are called to be a leader, if you have accepted the responsibility to be of service to your people and bring out the best in them, this podcast is for you. Apply to work with me here: Instagram: Free Human Design Chart:

  • Awaken Your Gifts

    Awaken Your Gifts

    When I discovered The Gene Keys Activation Sequence, I was blown away by how beautifully I was guided to introspect my life and turn my shadows into my greatest strengths through the art of contemplation. I had been so hard on myself, so this beautiful gentleness truly spoke to me and permitted me to be who I had resisted for as long as I can remember. And that made me understand why I was led through so much pain and struggles, and I went into complete surrendering and allowance for what was to come next. I sincerely felt carried and held by love and grace, even though it made me see how deeply I was caught in the shadow states of my gifts. And I felt seen! I felt this deep beautiful knowing nourished and enlightened my soul and heart, and I wanted more and more! I felt hungry for this knowledge and this exquisite gentleness and knew that this was my way home! So, this is my gift to you; emerged from my soul's hunger for awakening to love and graciousness, for you and me and everyone!

  • Emotional Resilience in the Face of Fear & Failure

    Emotional Resilience in the Face of Fear & Failure

    In this episode, we’ll talk about how fear of failure is one of our most significant roadblocks to a happy, successful life and how becoming emotional resilience is one of the most important skills you want to develop to improve your life. My way of living has always been through trial and error, and I have felt it deeply in my body, over and over, how painful it is not to be emotional resilience in the face of failure. Tune in and listen to how you can develop more emotional resilience for yourself to become a stronger and more confident leader and changemaker. Come visit me on Instagram and share how you will commit to building emotional resilience in the face of failure; I would love to hear from you. Apply to work with me here:

  • Heal with Self-Acceptance

    Heal with Self-Acceptance

    Today I have invited another friend and mastermind partner to the podcast, Anne Cecilie Storli. She is a fellow coach, working with people who suffer from ME, to help them recover and live a healthy life. She’s also from Norway, and is a very caring and supportive young lady, deeply interested in people’s well-being and growth. She has a unique ability to make you feel safe and understood. The most important thing for Anne Cecilie is to help people out of their pain as she did for herself years ago. And that journey started with accepting that she was sick, and from that acceptance, she made her non-negotiable decision to become healthy and wholly recovered from her disease. I love Anne's story, it’s so powerful and full of hope for other people to lean into in their own journey to recover from their disease with ME. We can only focus on the next step that is right in front of us when we live in pain. Visioning a brighter future from your current situation is absent, you can’t hold it; and in the beginning you don’t believe it. But then you have the glimpses of hope infront of you, and you walk boldly step by step on your healing journey, and you feel your entire life starts to change. If you want to get in touch with her, she's waiting for you! IG: Web: Mail: If you got curious about your own Human Design, please get in touch at private message in Fb or Instagram, or write me an email; I would love for you to start using all your potential, to accept and acknowledge the beautiful truth of who you are under all conditioning.