August 2023: Interview with Dr. Gerald Aardsma-Finding Noah's Flood in the Real World (and Other Topics)

The BC Messenger by Steve and Jennifer Hall

Episode notes

-Jennifer interviews Dr. Aardsma (her father) on a variety of topics, centering on a comprehensive, scientific defense of the Genesis/Exodus record of ancient history. How do we know these things truly happened in the real world? Is Noah's Flood responsible for everything we see in geology? If Noah's Flood happened at 3520 BC, why do secular scientists not see this? These questions are discussed in the interview from Dr. Aardsma's unique perspective, as well as a number of other related topics.

-Quotes of Note from the Interview:

"The true Mount Sinai would never have been located if you don't get the chronology right, partly because we have this idea in our heads that whatever happens biblically has to... have an extraordinary appearance. You know, surely God would make it to be better than Hollywood."

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