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  • S01 E93 - The INFIDELITY Contagion!

    S01 E93 - The INFIDELITY Contagion!

    What happens when we demoralize EVERYTHING? We get ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Not that ANYTHING of EVERYTHING will be maladaptively bad; but takes some time before we know. And what is wrong with taking what is good and adding to...

  • S01 E92 - FINE-TUNING your Marriage!

    S01 E92 - FINE-TUNING your Marriage!

    Whether is deciding where to eat, or whether to start a family, ALL begins with two INDIVIDUALS working together as a TEAM, regardless the CHALLENGE. Marriage is NEVER to the LOSS of the INDIVIDUAL, but the ADDITION of ANOTHER. ...

  • S01 E91 - The UN-Meaning!

    S01 E91 - The UN-Meaning!

    Maybe it is, maybe it isn't that LIFE requires meaning and purpose. Too much us, and LIFE becomes a chore! Let go, and ENJOY the MOMENT you are in, as MUCH you CAN. Contact Us; 304-523-WORD (9673); TheWORDHouse@frontier.com; T...

  • S01 E90 - Hunger Pains!

    S01 E90 - Hunger Pains!

    Hunger lets you know you need to eat. If it were only that SIMPLE! So much besides hunger drives EATING DISORDER. Figuring out what ONE needs is important to get the RIGHT need met, or risk further complication. Contact Us: T...

  • S01 E89 - JUST a Little RELIEF!

    S01 E89 - JUST a Little RELIEF!

    Loving one's self is most DIFFICULT without FIRST learning to love others. Good thing other's don't JUDGE our life as harshly as we do. The BLAME game begins immediate to when things don't turn out the way we think or believe they...