Two Regular Guys + WeedEsplicito

di C.J. Walton and Chris Lawrence

We're just 2 regular dudes who talk about shit, and smoke weed, and then talk about the weed we smoke, then all the shit the weed we smoked makes us talk about. Is that clear? 

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 4

  • S04 E01 - Coming in hot!

    S04 E01 - Coming in hot!Esplicito

    We're back!! You know what is...."Whatchu smoking?!"

  • Stagione 3

  • S03 E10 - Another One Bites the Dust

    S03 E10 - Another One Bites the DustEsplicito

    Season 3 Finale!! Let's GO!!!!!

  • S03 E09 - Snowed Out

    S03 E09 - Snowed OutEsplicito

    We survived Snowpocolypse '21 in place, unlike Fled Cruz, we smoke good and ponder on how good of an idea it would be to have a better relationship with your Eskimo brothers. Yeah, we went there.

  • S03 E08 - Tommy Patty

    S03 E08 - Tommy PattyEsplicito

    Today we discuss everything from MJT getting stripped from her U.S. House committees to Lil Uzi's internet breaking piercing, NBA Players grumbling over All Star weekend, and Super Bowl Sunday. CJ Gives his 'Odd Figures in Black H...

  • S03 E07 - GameStonk

    S03 E07 - GameStonkEsplicito

    The Game has been Stopped for Wall Street....maybe. We try so hard to explain what his means for the average Joe trying to make a buck. We also dive into the first time we got punched in the mouth and CJ un-quits his job?