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Coming to you live from the music research facility in the center of the earth, 3 scientists cursed to live a thousand lifetimes in confinement attempt to create the worst music ever heard by the human species. 

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  • S01 E43 - To The Death

    S01 E43 - To The DeathEsplicito

    403924-09-10 --- [REDACTED] LOG: Bryson, an elder god that's existed since before the first atoms smashed into each other, has possessed the body of Challenge Master Shane. He awoke after the Music Research Facility achieved Disha...

  • S01 E42 - The Lockdown Challenge

    S01 E42 - The Lockdown ChallengeEsplicito

    Something has happened. Please follow the instructions found in the manual. An event has occurred.

  • S01 E41 - The Recommendation Challenge

    S01 E41 - The Recommendation ChallengeEsplicito

    The only thing that feels as good as listening to music, is sharing music with your loved ones. When's the last time you got super stoked on some new music you found and knew you HAD to share it with your friends. That's basically...

  • S01 E40 - The Songwriting Challenge

    S01 E40 - The Songwriting ChallengeEsplicito

    In the immortal words of Chance the Rapper, we back. We've solved the transmission issues we were having last week and can resume our broadcast! This week the boys have to create a mashup with songs that they like from a pure 'son...

  • S01 E39 - ||[COMM_INTERRUPTED]||

    S01 E39 - ||[COMM_INTERRUPTED]||

    We're sorry, but the link you are attempted to make could not be completed at this time. Please check your number, and you Arhythmian Günter Wand configuration and attempt this link again.˙uᴉɐƃɐ ʞuᴉl sᴉɥʇ ʇdɯǝʇʇɐ puɐ uoᴉʇɐɹnƃᴉɟuoɔ...