Nero's Fiddle

di Brad Brown

Global warming - we know what's happening. We know what we can do about it. What we don’t understand is why we won’t take the measures necessary to stop it. Nero's Fiddle will trace the arrow of history that brought us to this point. I will explain how we got here, why we haven’t begun to tackle the difficult issues of climate change, and what we can do to end our current climate malaise and begin to address climate change in a... Leggi dettagli

Episodi del podcast

  • Stagione 1

  • S01 E52 - Where to Now?

    S01 E52 - Where to Now?

    Where does humanity go from here?

  • S01 E51 - The Third Axis

    S01 E51 - The Third Axis

    In this episode, we take a look at the contribution the Axial generations are poised to make to humanity's ongoing march up the ladder of history.

  • S01 E50 - Becoming Human

    S01 E50 - Becoming Human

    In this episode we sum up our journey to now and ask the question: With all of the historical forces in play right now, what comes next?

  • S01 E49 - Racing Toward the Cliff

    S01 E49 - Racing Toward the Cliff

    In this episode, we finally take a deep dive into what our future with climate change will look like if we fail to curb our output of greenhouse gasses.

  • S01 E48 - Time for a Change

    S01 E48 - Time for a Change

    This episode, we look at the contributions the millennials and Gen Z could make toward the fight against climate change.