Meatloaf and The MilkmanEsplicito

di Michael Isaacs, Wes Williams, and Ben Duncan

The official podcast of the Denver sketch comedy collective, Meatloaf and The Milkman.  

Episodi del podcast

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  • S01 E03 - Udder Island

    S01 E03 - Udder IslandEsplicito

    Meatloaf and the Milkman are back with a spooky new special! Join the boys as they investigate the dark mysteries of Udder Island, where nothing is what it seems. What is the Chupacowbra? Who is watching them from the top of the h...

  • S01 E02 - Fear and Loafing in Las Vegans

    S01 E02 - Fear and Loafing in Las VegansEsplicito

    Meatloaf and the Milkman hit the road for a wild weekend in Vegas! What's supposed to be a fun getaway takes a dark turn when they realize Sin City has undergone some drastic changes. In this world of high stakes and lowlifes, can...

  • S01 E01 - Adventures in Codyssey

    S01 E01 - Adventures in CodysseyEsplicito

    Welcome to Adventures in Codyssey, the religious family radio show a certain fifth circuit court of appeals has declared not legally child abuse! In our epic radio-play adventure premiere, Milkman runs into a techno-cult of fish p...