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di Liz King

Liz King has been a certified personal trainer for 9 years and the creator of Made For Me Fitness. This podcast digs deeper into topics about fitness, nutrition and mental health to uncover why we do the things we do and how we can help change our behaviors to be successful in our fitness journeys.  

Episodi del podcast

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  • S01 E29 - Building Muscle (The secret to achieving fitness results)

    S01 E29 - Building Muscle (The secret to achieving fitness results)Esplicito

    If you want to get toned, lose fat, change body composition, get stronger, build a booty or even just have a better quality of life, THIS IS THE EPISODE YOU NEED! Liz breaks down how building muscle is the secret for women to get ...

  • S01 E28 - New Years Resolutions

    S01 E28 - New Years ResolutionsEsplicito

    This Episode Liz King discusses the difference between the fitness resolutions and goals that work and the ones that don't as well as how to set your own expectations so you can thrive on your fitness journey in 2023!

  • S01 E27 - Overcoming Gym Anxiety

    S01 E27 - Overcoming Gym AnxietyEsplicito

    In this episode, liz talks about gym anxiety and how to practice being more confident when navigating your way around a place where everything and everyone can seem intimidating!

  • S01 E26 - Intuitive Training

    S01 E26 - Intuitive TrainingEsplicito

    This week Liz King talks about why she follows a more intuitive style of training when it comes to working out and gives a detailed explanation on how you can too!

  • S01 E25 - How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

    S01 E25 - How To Stay On Track During The HolidaysEsplicito

    Liz addresses how to overcome the overwhelming stress and impact the holidays can have on your fitness journey and what getting back on track with your routine should really be like!