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di Coinops, Scum, and Shadowlink

Dystopia? Check. Every episode is either about some fresh new hell that was probably predicted in a cyberpunk story, or some topic that could be viewed through a cyberpunk lens. Produced in affiliation with 

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  • Stagione 3

  • S03 E03 - s3e3 L0WL1F3 "battle of the book"

    S03 E03 - s3e3 L0WL1F3 "battle of the book"Esplicito

    This week, CoinOps tells a little story about the first copyright dispute, and then the guys just kinda riff for a

  • S03 E02 - s3e2 L0WL1F3 "Hieronymus Miku"

    S03 E02 - s3e2 L0WL1F3 "Hieronymus Miku"Esplicito

    This week, we enlisted the help of artist Eldritch Degenerate to work out some things about "AI"

  • S03 E01 - s3e1 L0WL1F3 "hihowyadoin?"

    S03 E01 - s3e1 L0WL1F3 "hihowyadoin?"Esplicito

    It's 2023, so here's a brief, fuzzy overview of what we're gonna get into.

  • Stagione 2

  • S02 E45 - s2e45_L0WL1F3_Q_N_A_2022

    S02 E45 - s2e45_L0WL1F3_Q_N_A_2022Esplicito

    To wrap the season, we had some extremely intelligent and thoughtful folks ask our dumb asses some questions. This is the

  • S02 E44 - s2e44_L0WL1F3_they_live_we_sleep

    S02 E44 - s2e44_L0WL1F3_they_live_we_sleepEsplicito

    We have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and we're joined by Lestan Zero to discuss the holiday classic, John Carpenter's They Live. Now either put on these glasses, or start eating the trash can.